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It all started early, this entrepreneurial spirit in Charles Lederman. Not your regular kid to run the proverbial paper route, with homes on a list, Chuck went door to door and lined up his own customers for delivery of the Sunday Los Angeles Examiner. Then, he arranged to have the necessary quantity delivered to his door at the crack of dawn every Sunday morning, and proceeded to make his own deliveries. He bought the newspapers at wholesale, while selling and delivering them at retail. This way, he had created his own paper route, not just to deliver, but to sell too. With no boss to answer to but himself, Charles was ten. Charles has spent the majority of his professional life, over 30 years, in many aspects of the real estate business.

Currently, he’s a licensed real estate broker in the states of California and Nevada. In addition to residential real estate, his experience includes: land subdivision; land acreage sales; commercial real estate acquisition; sales and management of apartments, office buildings and shopping centers; along with lending in both residential and commercial.

During his versatile and colorful career, Charles was the president of Western Consolidated Management and Investment, a multi-million-dollar company dealing with the sales and management of shopping centers and office buildings, as well as private lending. As founder and president of Marina City Realty in Southern California, he and his wife, Kristina Kuri, specialize in residential sales in the Marina Del Rey, Venice, Playa Del Rey, and Santa Monica areas. Charles currently sits on the board of directors of Block Sportswear a multi-million-dollar apparel company. The Magic Mountain Herbal Tea Company was the first of its kind to be sold on the shelves of West Coast supermarkets. Charles Lederman was its co-founder, successfully marketing Magic Mountain Herbal Tea, and playing an instrumental role in the growth of herbal teas’ popularity across North America, planting the first seeds of the major industry, it is today. So, the next time you’re relaxing with some chamomile or lemon mint, you have Charles to thank for it.

Charles is a veteran of the business world, across several, entirely different industries. And it’s his lucky clients who ultimately benefit from that breadth and wealth of business experience. His multi-faceted career equips Charles to answer a broader spectrum of questions about a client’s specific goals, needs, or investment issues than might a less experienced, and more narrowly focused broker. Both Charles and his wife and partner, Kristina Kuri, go that extra mile for every client. “There are highs and lows, ups and downs in life,” explains Charles, “and in 30-plus years, we have been through them all; we can solve any problem in any situation that might arise along the way." As you will see by the praise on the Testimonials Page from their high-profile clientele, Charles and Kristina do everything with utmost care and unsurpassed professionalism.

Kristina Lederman, of The Kuri family has built thousands of homes in Southern California. Hence, Kristina truly is “to the manner born.” She has for the most part of her life, lived the Venice/Marina Del Rey area, that she loves to call home. Her passion is helping people make their dreams a reality — through real estate. Her constant smile is infectious, and as the natural people-person she is, you fall in love with her the moment you meet her. That easy-to-be-with quality makes her a delight to work with, while remaining a consummate professional! Kristina, a world traveler, and coming as she does from international parentage, brings to every client that worldly experience and flair.

With a passion for interior design and home remodeling, Kristina is ultimately, an artist, and all her clients receive the benefit of her discerning eye and elegant taste.

Kristina Kuri married Charles Lederman and became the partner — and the soul of Marina City Realty. That male female balance of this California/West Side boutique realty company, gives a special edge that few of its colleagues can boast.

Check out the Testimonials Page and see for yourself what magic this team creates for every one of its happy clients! They are fortunate to have most of their clients become life-long friends; meet them once and you will see why.

Charles and Kristina live in the famous condominium called Marina City Club, an architectural phenomenon on the Marina Del Rey landscape — two concentric half-circles that face each other, the yacht-filled Marina harbor, and the city Los Angeles itself. Its view is beyond magnificent.

They love to spend their rare off-hours sailing, visiting with friends, or just enjoying the fabulous, all-year-‘round weather and the ever-evolving, neighborhood stores, restaurants, coffee houses and active, cultural life that Southern California is so famous for.

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